My Firstest (spelled wrong intentionally;) EVER blog.

Well. We have done it. We are finally starting a band website. Who knew it would require a blog? You? (probably. haha) Us? Nope. SO…rather than start at the very beginning about 6ish years ago, I’m going to be starting with current stuff. If ya want the older stuff, you can catch up on our Facebook page located in the link below. Keep in mind though, ESPECIALLY viewing our videos (200 ish!!) That they were learned in 2hours and were requests by fans. We affectionately call those our 2hourTuesdaytunages. You can catch where and when we are playing there as well.

So presently, we have found our missing link so to speak adding Stevie G on bass rounding out our sound. We have been practicing getting him up to speed on our setlists and gigging at the same time! Oddly enough we have a few permanent residency gigs until Fall at The Billy Goat boats in Orange, The Hidden Treasure Flea market in Swanzey Nh and a few at our Local Farmers Market in Orange. We recently had the pleasure of recording at AOtv for their Foodathon. Def a funny experience..the band couldnt hear vocals..we had to yell:) HILARIOUS. ..good thing we can holler!! We are ALSO noticing that we are becoming the go to band for celebration of lifes. Can i just say how amazing it is to be entrusted with that kinda gig?We also got on the bandwagon (get it???Hahaha) and had professional pics taken. (thanks Tara) Here is a sample from my phone.They are still being edited.

So how long are blogs anyways? Am i starting a book?Hmmmmmm…. stay tuned

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